We're the living dead - zombie Teddy Boys, County Durham, 1950s

We're the living dead - zombie Teddy Boys, County Durham, 1950s

Brilliant. As a youngster, I remember them well. Superbly captured, Michael.

Thanks Seth. They made me nervous because of the stories of violence attached to them. I always felt threatened when I saw them. Now I know fashion can exist to intimidate.

Yes, great Michael. I remember them. You've got the pose just right. Another thing you've got right is the fact that the trousers always seemed too short...too much sock on display...almost like they'd bought the wrong size. But maybe that was part of the 'look', I can't remember.

Thanks Lewis. Yes, socks on show for the bright colours. Bicycle chains, and razor blades behind the lapels too.

Razor blades behind the lapels? And we think today’s “yoof “ lead a dangerous life! Brilliant painting catching that period and fashion.

Great stuff Michael. How could we ever be considered tough guys and wear lime green and pink socks. (-:

Takes me back to my teenage year's, you were either teddy boys/girls or beatniks, being always " arty " I was the latter. Great times though and well depicted in your painting, love the attitude !!!

This takes me back, suede shoes and brightly coloured socks.

Brilliant! They're over here too!! Rave from the grave, Eh!!! Boy racers here, too...not a day under 70!!!

😂 I'm with Linda, Beatnik style for me beehive hairdo and Mary Quant minis. Not many of these about around us thank heavens! Very colourful Michael.

Great painting Michael. Beatnik for me, with the mini skirts in the swinging 60s.

Thank you all. All noted with interest.

It started out as a smart Edwardian look and then became a parody of itself and then the Modernists took over.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour.Bootlace ties, beetlecrushers and attitude - Durham Teddyboys 1950s. Some of them are still surviving and still look like zombies.

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