A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

What a clever girl Elle is, she’s used some lovely colours and done really well with the salt and cling film. Taking after grandpa. I can see sea and a gorgeous sunset too, perhaps a sailing boat with its white sails!

Thanks Ellen. We see the same things. Elle sees a pigs head top right in the sunset and I'm nervous she'll spoil it. But, we all see things differently. How a pig's head would fit into this I can't imagine.

That's some lovely colours Michael I'm sure it's gonna be wonderful

It is Dennis. People see a volcano, a pig, hamster, a cave and even bacon and egg!

The little Elle is a good budding painter, she used wonderful colours.

This is excellent Elle, you could have lots of fun with this. I think whatever you choose to do it will look fabulous with this beginning.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. Our Elle (11) is staying for a few days so I took her to my art class this morning. With kind instruction from the great Malcolm Coils she produced this using cellophane and salt. It just needs something superimposing on it to finish it off. I thought I'd just let you see it and you might suggest the next move. I thought the silouette of a boat or some sea craft on the eyeline set against the golden sunset. Thanks for your kindness Malcolm.

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