A curse

A curse

Seems a delightful chap but well captured.

I think the man looks very scary and has very wild, frightening eyes. Wonderful portrayal of somebody you wouldn't want to meet in the dark. Would love to see your rendition of Boris Michael.

Thanks Gudrun and Carole. I might have a go at that Carole.

Michael, I think I may have met this fellow, in a working capacity, I managed to escape a curse ...I think. I like his Titfa.

I wouldn’t want to meet him any time soon, Michael. Love the colours though. Looking forward to seeing Boris.

Thanks Elle. I'm gonna have to do this aren't I?

You do make me smile Michael. This is a great portrait though but he looks really scary!

Thanks Margaret. I'm pleased I make you smile.

Hang on Studio Wall

A man who put a curse on me at Appleby Fair 'cause I wouldn't pay him what he wanted for a horse. I had chronic diarrhoea for three days and was unable to ride my horse for a month. Apart from Boris Johnson, he was the wildest man I'd ever seen and he really frightened me.

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I was born in 1946. In the 1960s and part of the 70s I was an airman in the Royal Navy, Fleet Air Arm. I joined Durham Constabulary in 1971. In 1999 I retired from policing and began teaching sociology and criminology at Durham University with emphasis on policing and researching crime. I am drawn…

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