Michael , does Ellie usually sign her name upside down - or is it because I am viewing this painting from the opposite side of the world here in New Zealand ?? Mike Capenerhurst

It's upside down here too Mike. It was done as an experiment - splash some paint on a blank sheet, put another blank sheet on top and press, peel away and see what you can see. I helped her a bit with the imagination, she's nine, and I wrote her name on it too. Then I realised what it best looked like and saw I'd written her name upside down.

In that case, it adds to the allure -good on her Mike C.

I see the skinny pig ok but I feel dizzy now from standing on my head😱 A very nice painting with beautiful shades Elle.

Bless her - she's done well.

Thanks Michael and Gudrun.

Did you get him back Elle? You are on your way to becoming an artist with this watercolour, you've done a smashing job. Don't tell your Granda but I don't think he could have done it this good!!

Thanks Fiona. Yes, I'm better than that old grump. No, he's in that awful bird's belly. Elle.

This is different! Nice one Michael.

Michael, I just love this one. The pressed paper technique certainly worked!

Thanks Margaret and Louise.

Fabulous, Michael.. I going to have to try this! :-)

Thanks Heather. I'll pass your comments on to Elle.

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour. Imaginary painting by our Elle. The moment when the golden eagle scooped up her skinnypig.

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