From the Tunstall Gallery

From the Tunstall Gallery

A nice re run too

Nice work, Michael.

I like tis more. Lots of interesting shapes and push and pulls ... if that makes sense.

This has tremendous impact, I do like this one, simplicity again always wins the day.

Striking and unusual colour, I like this Michael.

Thank you Gudrun, Carole, Dennis and Alan.

Very striking Michael.

Is this a digital painting Michael? It has such a convincing watercolour look...whatever, it's a real smasher!

A really exiting and interesting painting Michael.

Michael, the shapes and marks are good, but to me the yellow is over powering. Will look at the previous.

It is overpowering John. Too much yellow has taken it into the semi-abstract league. I kind of experiment with most of what I do and I'm not always certain what will appear. I tend to paint dark and messy and I was pleased with the brightness of this one. I might get some order when I join the group on Sunday. I suspect I'll keep this semi-abstract style though. It seems to suit my personality. Thanks Fiona and Satu. It is digital Fiona. I used the watercolour brush. I'm in the process of doing the same subject with ordinary watercolour at the moment. I can't get the same effect but I get as close as I can. The digital exercise is a good learning tool for me. I need all the help I can get. Thank you all for your encouragement, which inspires me on.

Hang on Studio Wall

Re-run of previous.

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