Deon Stewardson as Anders Du Plessis in Wild at Heart

Deon Stewardson as Anders Du Plessis in  Wild at Heart

i do not know the character but your Drawing skill is amazing, :-) so realistic and life-like, i like it :-)

Excellent pencil and crayon drawing, you have demonstrated great skill here in capturing such a realistic portrait a really great likeness Keith

Brilliant Keith, loved the programme myself, sad to see it end. You have really caught the mood in this, fantastic!

I've seen badgers with less hair than that ... I don't know the programme at all, but there's a real character here, well-drawn right down to the band on his hat.

Your drawings are excellent but I have noticed you have some fine oil paintings on POL too.

Nice work Chris Excellent likeness

Thank you to everybody I like to see the comments and always welcome criticism. Robert , yes he does have that much hair and its wild. Pat I have not done an oil painting since 1989, BUT ironicly enough only this week i started one. Itsa portrait of my partner Chris and its from a drawing I did of her last year. I want to do a comparison, only problem is I had forgotten how slow a process it was. Hopefully I can show it by the end of the month if I think its passable. Thank you again everybody..

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil and Crayon drawing size 24"x16" I loved the programme Wild at Heart and this character Anders Du Plessis, what a shame they have stopped making it. This portrait is my tribute to the character who killed off. Taken from the last scene when he knew it was time to walk off into the sunset and gave a last goodbye look to his wife Caroline played brilliantly by Haley Mills..

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