Red Kite over the Elan Valley

Red Kite over the Elan Valley

Greay drawing Keith. The position of the bird really brings your focus on to the dam. Looks to be a very peaceful place.

Lovely painting Keith, we were there this May and went to the Kite feeding station, beautiful scenery and lovely birds which your painting shows

i think this is the same scene you have with the military planes flying over? :-) This is still beautifully drawn. I forgot to mention after i said about me not being interested in anything militry. You add colour and warmth to them. this is what i like about the pictures you create of military. Normally the scenes of military are cold and boring. Do you have favourite subjects to paint? do you prefer pencils and drawing to painting? just curious that's all :-)

It is the same background, I love there but I cant remember which picture I drew first. I enjoy drawing the planes and I try to make the composition about the plane itself rather than in a war scenario. I leave that to the war comic buffs. Favourite subjects are portraits, people and animals. Having said that I enjoyed drawing Jack playing his guitar and I think children can make fascinating subjects. But you cant point your camera at kids in candid situations in the streets or the beach so they have to be contrived with a child you know, its the way of the world isnt it. I would love to paint in oils I did many years ago. I only have one left now if I can find it I will post it. The trouble is oils take time and you need daylight to paint in, I dont have time and pencils I do while watching or at least listening to the tele.... Nothing wrong with being curious.. Ps I have mentioned postcards with regard to your drawings, I have sold one of mine as a postcard just waiting for the sample to come back from the printer. I will post it when I get it. I am so pleased about it.

Hi Keith :-) definite congratulations with selling your work as postcards. no one would buy mine :-p oil paint i dislike because it takes too long to dry :-p i paint while watching tv :-) whole art table full of paints and stack of paper, i am like a factory people have told me :-) Jack playing the guitar is captured really well :-) any paintings you have done i think would be lovely to see, i look forward to them being posted :-)

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Pencil and crayon size A3 I visited the Elan valley dams when I was on holiday a couple of years ago. I thought they were awesome and we were lucky enough to see the water running over the top. This was my tribute to those beautiful dams..

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