Caroline Catz in Doc Martin

Caroline Catz in Doc Martin

It's difficult to flick between the two as you have not put this on in the same portfolio. However, this one seems more "at ease".

... at ease. It is irritating that we can't use quotation anymore!

I think this very nice, particularly the hair!

Thanks Gudrun and Abigail, Its the same drawing only difference is it was suggested i put slightly darker shading on left eye and right side of neck. this appears to have sharpened those areas. Thank you fro the comments.

A very good drawing Keith! Such a lovely lady in the series and in your portrait!

Hi Keith, love your techniques, hopefully my CP's work will come up to your standard, what pencils, tools and papers, boards etc do you us. Or do you vary them depending on the composition?

Hi Keith superb drawing. I don't think a lot of people appreciate just how difficult and time consuming working in this medium can be. I've briefly looked through some of your other workman Luke what I have seen.

Thanks Wendy and Dawn, the problem I find with drawing popular characters isthat everybody knows them so I have to be very aware of the person because we all know what they look like. With family i only have to face the one person as the portrait disappears in a file somewhere The most popular tool in my work box is my eraser.

Peter, thank you for your comments, I will come back to you re your questions. Just give me a couple of days. While I have my mother here from Australia sitting at the computer for a length of time is a luxury.

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil drawing reworked after comments were made that I quite agree with after a long hard look at the original. I have posted this drawing on its own for comparison with the first posted copy.

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