On the beach

On the beach

Lovely drawing Keith. Especially the foreground figure. But it isnt Antigua to me. I love the place and my memories are strong colour and loads of black kids playing footie and splashing exuberantly. You must go to the posh bit ? L O L .

Thanks Sylvia, Yes Antigua is as you described it. I have been several times but this time I was there for a day on a cruising holiday, we went to our favourite beach only to find that Sandals Hotel group had taken over. We didnt have time to find another beach we were British the people in the sea were Americans the lady in the front of the picture was Canadian and sadly all the locals were banned from the beach.... Very sad and not been back since

And it's your style again. Well drawn Keith, very delicate colours and like the composition and vignette effect. Thank you for your comments on my Ganges holy man. The answer I think to capturing faces like that is to keep your camera handy:) Outrageous that locals are banned from their own beaches. semi-apartheid me thinks!

Thanks Pat, I have been in Wales for 10 days so just catching up with everybody... I do have my camera ready but I am very hesitant about pointing it at people as much as I want to. By the time I have got up the courage they and the moment has passed. I tried it once in Corsica but I picked a Foreign Legionnaire and had my camera confiscated. Made me a bit nervous.

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Pencil and crayon drawing size A4 This was a simple drawing I did after a holiday in Antigua in 2009. I dont know who the people are but these were from photos I had taken on different days, I like the family day out feeling it portrays

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