French Sailing

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Lovely - that soft pink of the house is particularly nice

Lovely piece of work Katrina can't say I know much about the medium you have worked with. But it's excellent.

Dry nice Katarina beautiful colours.

Sorry very nice not dry I hate spell checks.

Very colourful and love your treatment of the foliage and the attractive buildings Katarina.

Many thanks to all. Yes, the colour of the building in the background and the unusual red sail attracted me to this scene - as much as the dark backdrop of summer foliage and rocks against the pale water. This collection is very diverse in choice of subjects, so I am very much looking forward to sharing more with you. Also, I haven't signed them yet, as I am working on simplifying my signature. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Lovely work Katarina.

Thank you so much, dear David.

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Part of the new collection of aquarelle. Ten paintings that celebrate my 25 years of joyful relationship with aquarelle medium - first and most loved. I never tried, nor wanted to paint with anything else. Let's go on this adventure together, my friend, shall we? This one is called French Sailing.

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I was born of 5th July 1971 in Belgrade where I have studied Law and Orthodox Theology at Belgrade University. Upon coming to England I have studied Interior Design with the Regent Academy of Fine Arts, and after that Professional Interior Design with the National Design Academy in Nottingham (it…

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