Swallow & young

Swallow & young

very good Joy I love birds I have a budgie!!:)Linda

Lovely painting of a swallow Joy.

Thankyou both for your encouraging comments . Happy Christmas to both of you.

Posted by Joy Lee on Sat 17 Dec 12:50:31

This is just beautiful, Joy. I love the perfect drawing and the delicate, limited colours you used. Well done and Merry Christmas to you!

It's a lovely piece, Joy - good composition and very lively. Beautifully done!

Thankyou Mia and Seok I always appreciate your comments.They spur us all on.

Posted by Joy Lee on Mon 13 Feb 09:46:52
Hang on Studio Wall

This was done a few summers ago where I lived before and we had them nesting in an arbour a bit like a summer house/ gazebo with no doors in the back garden.We did have a lot of swallows every year but this was the first time they had nested there.We were very lucky although we did get dive bombed quit a few times while this particular pair of swallows were there.

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