The Old Neptune.Whitstable.Kent.

The Old Neptune.Whitstable.Kent.

I'm NO authority on pastel - have terrible trouble with 'em; but ... I like the sky, the general colour scheme - is the building really that close to the sea by the way? - only problems: 1) I'm not sure what's going on on the right there; is the blue object an overturned boat - and what's the white line ... ah, I see now; I think it's rope on a tarpaulin or boat hull, and the mast at an angle: snag is, they're both the same colour and it's hard to distinguish them at this size; 2) the windows look shuttered, and a bit dead; 3) I'd have liked a bit of texture in the foreground sand, just to add some depth. However - as I can't do pastel at all, I have a Hell of a cheek criticizing yours.....

I just love the atmosphere here, Joy. This painting just conveys serenity, peace and quiet.

Thankyou Seok for comment and you Robert for your criticism very much appreciated. Yes, the building is that close to the pub"The Old Neptune". The blue is a boat moored for the winter with blue tarpaulin over the top and anchored by white rope around a paving block on to the ground.I see what you mean about that being the same colour of the mast however the mast is just a smidgen away from the rope that's why I expect it looks a if it attached it may well be. May I suggest (new glasses) Now that's me being cheeky.I do hope Robert that you have a sense of humour. But I am pleased really with your imput.Thanks again.Joy

Posted by Joy Lee on Thu 02 Jun 11:46:37

Actually Robert it might be me that also needs the glasses as I should have stated that the Old Neptune pub is as near to the sea as it appears. Joy.

Posted by Joy Lee on Thu 02 Jun 11:49:08

Ah well, you see, I did get new glasses - varifocals; glad I did, they're excellent for most things, but peering at my computer screen isn't one of them.... I find I'm having to really squint at things, and I know I'm just not seeing everything on POL as I should see it . Might help if I moved the monitor .... working on a small care is difficult, too. But never mind. As I said, I have a cheek criticizing pastels anyway - I've never yet finished one I'm prepared to show... Need lessons.

I really like this one, Joy, a good mix of detail in the pub and blending in the sky. Thanks also for your kind comments on my work. Much appreciated.

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This is the first time I have done a building in pastel so your comments would be appreciated.

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