Very good symbolism Jon

A thought provoking painting...yes "Why".

Such a poignant piece Jon. The brickwork must have taken hours.

Very thought provoking, very well imagined and painted.

Very thoughtful and cleverly composed Jon.

Thanks to everybody for the kind comments

Hang on Studio Wall

Why? 30x41cm Acrylics The image is imaginary. Symbols 1.Light symbolises hope. One source is above out of reach and out of their control. The other is the crack in the door, locked to them. 2.The jacket is in Ultramarine, a traditional symbol of purity and innocence. 3.The door has no signs to symbolise the lack of help given to get out of this situation. 4.The ball balancing on the edge is symbolising life. It could roll back and be safe or forward over the edge and be lost.

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Jon Davidson

I am a self taught painter using mainly Acrylics but venturing into coloured pencils and watercolours. I only started painting in 2019 after retiring to the Lake District UK and being inspired by the landscape around me. I paint for myself but hope you enjoy my work. I paint because I like what it…

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