November Afternoon, Wythburn, Cumbria

November Afternoon, Wythburn, Cumbria

And another one ... please tell me you've been painting all your life and struggled to get where you are today, or I shall have to jump off a cliff... This one very slightly puts me in mind of a Victorian painter whose name I can't recall: I think this is because sheep tend to introduce an eternal note, and this painting is timeless: ie, this scene COULD have looked like this 200 years ago, and, with any luck, will look much the same 200 years hence.

I love Roberts comment. I feel the same every time I look at one of your paintings. Why do I bother? LOL I agree with everything he said; an eternal scene beautifully painted.

Thank you Robert and Diana for your comments, I have been painting for quite a while and still struggling ! we all have to keep practicing. I agree that many of my paintings have that victorian look about them because deep down their art influences me which makes me feel like a dinasaur in this contemporary age. Kind regards, Joe

Posted by Joe Hush on Mon 02 Nov 08:08:44
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Acrylic on Watercolour paper. 14" x 10"

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