West Wood- Harbottle

West Wood- Harbottle

So well done!

Couldn't agree more, these are exceptional paintings. Very well done.

wow! beautiful painting! your eye for detail isbrilliant :D

Joe, your paintings are always a treat to look at. I just want to sit and study them. Your trees are just amazing. I must try your technique one day!

Hi Joe it is good to see a great painter from the North East keep up the good work Iwill always look at your work.

This is just what you call a perfect painting!

Beautiful painting Joe, you really do set a high standard. Well done.

Wow! ! Jo please do a DVD so that we can follow your technique.

Beautiful brushwork Jo, none of the hardness usually associated with acrylics. Stunning

Absolutely delightful work. I am at a loss to see this as oil or acrylic, so I will believe what you say! This is the sort of work I aspire to with acrylic... or any medium come to that! Well painted! John

Thank you Joe for viewing and leaving a comment in my gallery re 'Spring Some of my Favourites (3)'. I started to put a reply in but it became too long I have now made it a Blog Posting "What Inspires Me"? Put simply my inspirations are colour...form...lines...shapes and big blank canvases.

Lovely atmosphere

Joe, do you do it with a decorating brush like Bill Alexander? Nahhh, I don't think so. This proves that acrylics can be used like oils. I can see what it is straight away! Your patience and mastery of the brush are A1. Regards John

Absolutely, utterly stunning, all of them. What a talent!

Thank you for your lovely comments on my portfolio. Coming from someone with a talent like yours I am extremely flattered. I've just been working on an acrylic portrait which was driving me mad drying too quickly so to see work like this in acrylics just astounds me. These are paintings I would love to have in my home and that's something I've truly only said four times in my life. I have my own portraits hanging but I rarely see anything I really really want to live with.

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