I love your collage foreground Jenny it adds so much to your painting, your puffins are so cute! I too keep little pieces of experimentation ( mainly because I forget once I have done something!).

Love this Jenny and what a great idea of keeping bits of paintings and adding to other pieces, I shall have to remember this 👍😀

Thank you, Carole and Linda! (It was a bit of serendipity resorting to collage in the foreground, it turned it into a much more colourful painting!)

Hang on Studio Wall

Mixed media. I had intended to do all of this with Inktense pencils but couldn’t get the foreground the way I wanted, so resorted to adding collage. (The collage pieces were done with acrylic ink and cling film - I like to experiment with these and keep a folder of pieces for later use in collage.)

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Jenny Harris

I paint in watercolour, sometimes including other media such as pastel, pen and ink or collage. I have also recently started experimenting with acrylic inks and painting on a gesso base. My main interest is in colour and design, and most of my paintings are quite stylised. I paint a wide range…

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