Trying acrylic inks

Trying acrylic inks

Its turned out beautifully Jenny...I love using acrylic inks .Love the texture here, and the limited palette is very effective.

Yes more inks Jenny as this is a smashing piece. That path on the left is just right. Needs one more sheep, remember what your tutor said.

The two colour do go well together Jenny and when you add your lovely spaces of white...finishes it off beautifully!

Thank you so much, Chandra, Derek and Fiona, for your encouraging comments (and thank you Derek for the reminder about the number of sheep!! I was actually conscious of this when I was doing it, but three looked too few and five looked too busy, so I thought I might get away with it by overlapping the two on the left!)

Great scene, you are good with the inks, I like them too Jenny.

Thanks, Carole!

Oh yes you must buy some more - this is delightful. I use them for my abstracts and they are a great medium to work with.

Thanks Michael for your encouraging comment. I wasn't too sure whether to buy any more but think I will. I'm so used to watercolour and being able to lift out colours that I feel uncomfortable with acrylics, which is why I started on gesso so I could wipe it off if necessary before it dried!

Lovely work, Jenny. As usual, your composition is spot on, and the palette is gorgeous.

Thanks very much, Seok!

Hang on Studio Wall

I've never used acrylic inks before and wanted to try them out. I've used them here over gesso (to cover an old discarded watercolour). I only have two colours at the momen, Flame Orange and Process Magenta, hence the rather limited palette! I have enjoyed the experiment, though, and might buy some more.

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