Beach Dreamer (collage)


Jenny, this is great! Saw your other one too, equally good. I also think that the smooth photo surface of the collage adds to the surreal effect.

Wow, so unusual.

Wow, most unusual!

Love it. I like surrealism. Since you can do whatever you want, and nothing has to make sense, they aught to be easy to do...but I don't think they are easy at all.

Lovely compilation Jenny, unusual I like it!

What a lovely selection of images, so well composed and assembled. Super work, Jenny!

Really like your imagination!

Very Terry Gilliam. I like it. 👍👍

Lovely painting Jenny, very imaginative.

Thanks very much for all your positive comments, much appreciated!

I love collage and this is a great composition of images, full of interest!

Eat collage full of interest and a beautiful arrangement Jenny.

Many thanks, Christine and Carole! (Like you Christine, I love doing collage - I’ve got hundreds of images of animals and plants cut from various magazines, and will happily spend hours looking through to find the right ones, it’s surprisingly relaxing!)

Billiant Jenny! What a fab assortment of images and ideas.

Collage is not my thing but I do like this, Jenny. I would imagine it takes a little time to bring your ideas together.

Thanks very much Fiona and Frank! Yes, it can take a while to find the right combination of images. I don’t do a lot of photo collage work, but it’s fun to do now and then.

Brilliantly done Jenny! I think it is much harder than it looks to produce a collage like this.

Thanks, Diane! (It’s not that hard - the advantage of collage is that you don’t have to fix anything until you’re happy with it all.)

Love this Jenny. Very clever🙂

Thank you, Faye!

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Collage on watercolour background. A completely reworked version of a Surrealist style painting originally done a few years ago. Enjoy doing these, they make a change from ‘proper’ painting, are fun to do and usually take on a life of their own as you go along!

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I paint mainly in watercolour, sometimes including other media such as pastel, pen and ink or collage. My main interest is in colour and design and most of my work is quite stylised and often illustrative. I enjoy experimenting with acrylic inks, particularly using cling film to create texture,…

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