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Thank you so much for your comments, Michael. I will take another look bearing in mind your advice. Thank you again.

I agree with Michael Jennifer, I certainly don’t think you are heavy handed with your pen work. Do you mean the heaviness of pen mark or the amount of pen marks throughout the painting? If I were to make a criticism, it would possibly be regarding the uniformity of the pen line ie the same even pressure of the line. I try not to make a continuous line, lift the pen on and off the paper, dots, dashes, flicks and splodges all make random expressive marks. It all depends on the effect you want to create Jennifer, and the subject I suppose. My approach would ruin your beautiful example. What kind of pen do you use? Try something that will give you random marks and is hit and miss on the paper perhaps, I use an old dip pen and a broken clothes peg that I’ve sharpened to a point. A good tip to get a broken interesting line is not to hold the pen as if you are going to write with it. Try different ways to hold it and different ways of moving it across the paper. You could use a heavier strength of mark in the foreground and lighter pressured lines or none at all in the distance. You have a lovely delicate approach Jennifer and compliments this subject, just a little variety and you’ve cracked it! The above probably doesn’t help one bit….lol. It’s ages since I did a line and wash.

Enchanting, doesn't seem to me to be too heavy at all, maybe in the guttering but it doesn't detract, lovely painting

Well I don’t why you’re being so critical of yourself Jennifer! Absolutely nothing wrong with this whatsoever, and if there was, as you’ve asked, I would tell you… A lovely delicate drawing and you’ve handled the range of greens superbly!

Another excellent example of your great paintings Jennifer. I wish I was as light handed as you are with the pen . I think it’s your unique style and best not to play about to much as your work is really good. As Alan said nothing wrong with this painting , give yourself a pat on the back not a slap.

Beautifully delicate Jennifer with great use of greens and as Fiona has suggested, a wider variety of pen marks and you’ve reached sublimity.

I agree with everyone, you have handled the very difficult greens well. Good composition. The only hint i could give is when doing lots of window, you can run a damp brush over some diagonally to give some variety. Hope this helps.

I thought this was handled very delicately and sensitively. It has great atmosphere, Jennifer!

I find this one is wonderful, with the right warm colours.

I am so delighted with the response to my cry for help with line &wash. Thank you ALL for your comments which I will now read in depth. Fiona, thank you for taking the time to comment so fully. It is very kind of you and I will take it all in and digest it. Many thanks. Thank you Heather, Alan, Dixie, Carole, David, Seok and Cesare for your time and help. David, your suggestion about the windows will be practiced religiously. Thank you to all of you for your generosity.

This is lovely, I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Thank you Emma. Very kind of you.

I like this a lot

Hang on Studio Wall

I am always too heavy handed with Line & Wash. I have given this my best shot, but if anyone can give me a brutal critique to help, I will be most grateful. Fiona Phipps , I would love a comment from you since your L&W paintings are so delicate.

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