Madonna Egg Sculpture Revisted


Lovely colours and sunlight effect, Jacqueline!

Looking really good!

You are on to something here Jacqueline, I can see you cresting a series from this one sculpture. Love this, it’s very Ben Nicholson, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham kind of style.

Hang on Studio Wall

The creator of this sculpture urged me to break away from tonal work to color. I decided to combine this challenge with a new medium, having a set of unopened water mixable oils. Without oil brushes, any idea what I was doing and only CYM plus white, I soon had more paint on myself than the panel but I loved it & will be seeking tutorials.

About the Artist
Jacqueline Budd

Aviation professional by day, hobby artist to relax. I haven’t had any formal art instruction & not sure I should be displaying my amateur efforts in amidst such talent. The furthest I have gone with my art is to supply pet portraits to work colleagues on request. However, I have already had some…

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