Twisted Torso


That’s a really interesting subject Jacqueline, I suspect mine is less than perfect. What did you do?

Strained by sitting at my desk for 16 hours on the trot 🥺 so now I have to endure a chiropractor trying to break it back into shape - oof! Back exercises four times a day, that’s the best therapy 😊.

Very nice, love it

Ouch Jacqueline, I feel your pain....I’ve got one just like that! I like that you’ve put it into a painting, it could be additional therapy!

Ouch ... but very clever and a great piece of art - the use of red adds everything to it

Yes indeed - ouch but a clever piece, Jacqueline! Hope your exercises are helping!

Thanks for the lovely comments, they have made me smile and that is the very best therapy of all x

A very arresting, unusual, image with the globules of blood adding drama to the scene. Hope you improve quickly and the pain lessens soon Jacqueline.

Hang on Studio Wall

Gouache and coloured pencil on black paper. I wasn’t striving for any kind of anatomical accuracy, more I wanted to capture a discomforting pose and slightly deconstructed skeleton. Is it very obvious I have a back injury?.......

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Aviation professional by day, hobby artist to relax. I haven’t had any formal art instruction & not sure I should be displaying my amateur efforts in amidst such talent. The furthest I have gone with my art is to supply pet portraits to work colleagues on request. However, I have already had some…

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