Cuban Man


It’s very nicely done , would be interesting to see it in another medium.

I think it's an excellent drawing, Jacqueline.

It's a great drawing. How about trying it in charcoal?

It’s excellent Jacqueline. I’m dreadful at portraits so perhaps not the best to give advice, but I like Diane’s idea, you could get some really good deep tones. You could use chalk or white pastel pencil for the highlights?

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I’m doing the 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge on Facebook. One of the days was ‘something beginning with C’. I found an excuse to sketch a face and did Cuban Man. I wasn’t going to post it (it’s only a sketch, after all) but I think I may re-do him, taking a little more time. I’m not sure what medium to use. Graphite drawing, attempt pastel, re-work the coloured pencil but taking more time. I’d appreciate any ideas and you are the gals and guys to ask.

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