Art Imitates Art - Madonna Egg Sculpture in Sunlight


Fantastic shapes and colours (nice sculpture too)

Really like this Jaqueline, it certainly doesn’t look like it’s been rescued! Great sculpture too.

This is so well done, Jacqueline - lovely subtle tones, shadows and textures -very good sculpture too!

Two wonderful pieces of art Jacqueline. If you hadn’t explained the process I would have taken the streaks to be part of the texture of the sculpture. I like it!

Thank you so much everyone.

Well done you for persevering and achieving a great result!

Hang on Studio Wall

My chap did a pair of Madonna egg sculptures and I decided to use one as a subject. The initial tonal sketch went well so I tried watercolour. This attempt was going well until I decided to try a unifying glaze - never done this before and completely ruined it. Then I tried to rescue it with coloured pencil and I quite liked the result, though you can still see the streaks. Don’t think I’ll be attempting a glaze again.....

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Aviation professional by day, hobby artist to relax. I haven’t had any formal art instruction & not sure I should be displaying my amateur efforts in amidst such talent. The furthest I have gone with my art is to supply pet portraits to work colleagues on request. However, I have already had some…

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