Anyone for coffee?

Anyone for coffee?

Amazing reflections, Jan, wonderful painting.

This is wonderful Jan. Love the reflections and that very juicy lemon. The splattering works very well also.

Thank you for your kind comments, Cesare and Carole - much appreciated...

Great work Jan, don’t you just love your critics. Excellent reflections and feeling of space around the objects.

Wowee! This is great, Jan! Those are marvellous reflections and the palette is lovely.

Totally brilliant, Jan - your best still life yet! I love the spattering and the complimentary colours and the lemon. This should go up the top!

Wonderful, love the mirror shine it's amazing

Thank you for your encouraging comments, John, Margaret, Marjorie, Fiona and Jennifer...

Love it - that lemon SO juicy!

A wonderful shine!

Like this Jan the blue harmonize Les Beautifully with the yellow lemon.

Sorry pressed h by mistake Jan

Excellent painting, Jan, with super reflections. Your palette is spot on and that lemon zings. Bri

Thanks for your nice comments, Heather, Cas, Dennis, Dennis and Brian - much appreciated...

This is great Jan, it’s not easy to paint silver or chrome - you’ve done a cracking job of this.

Wow great how you have captured the metallic effect and reflects on the coffee pot

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I love painting reflections, so I had a lot of fun with this coffee pot... I added the spotted background after my daughter said the painting looked boring and "just like all your other paintings, Mum"! Acrylic on 10x12 canvas board.

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