Self-portrait in oils

Self-portrait in oils

Almost photographic Jan. Beautifully done.

Lovely portrait, I find alla prima the way to go if you're inpatient . But you've done an excellent job here.

Really great portrait Jan well done.

Thank you for the nice comments Jim, Andre and Carole - much appreciated...

Yes, agree with Andre - Alla prima if you can master it. Lovely work Jan.

An excellent result Jan. You must be pleased with this.

Lovely painting Jan very impressive well done

As first approach, it is a very successful result, Jan, great portrait.

A marvellous portrait Jan

This is so good, Jan. It captures your expression so well.

Jan, this is fantastic. You've created a rounded form, none of it looks at all flat, and it looks as if the expression could change any second as it comes alive. Really I think you've done amazingly well full stop, let alone for a first oil painting!

Thank you, Caroline, for the very kind comment... I'd like to try some still lifes in oils next, and then venture outside for a plein air painting!

This looks like it's ready for some glazes. I wouldn't have the courage to do a self-portrait.

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My first oil painting... I have a new respect for oil painters, as they must have so much patience! I didn't realise the paint takes so long to dry, and that it can take days to paint different layers... a bit of a challenge for me as I'm not the most patient person!

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