No partridge


It’s delightful Hilary, I love working wet in wet with good paper and paints - it’s unpredictable to a degree which is exciting.

I love the free and loose style, beautiful.

Excellent Hilary, the colour is just right. Interesting that you use pure colour from the tube. I do that a lot, but nowhere near as subtly as this.

Excellent wet in wet !

This is VERY successful, like it a lot Hilary

Looks fantastic Hilary.

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I’m on a roll at the moment and love this way of working, the paint does the work really and yes Alan the unpredictability is so exciting.

I think this fantastic Hilary! I love it!

Who needs a Partridge when you have a perfect pear.....super Hilary.

Love the use of washes, especially that touch of purple. Lovely piece. Happy new year!

This is really lovely Hilary, worked a treat!

Evocative. Talented.

Hang on Studio Wall

A loose watercolour practice, very wet paper. I’ve done a few of these paintings with various subjects using pure colour from the tube. some more successful than others.

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