Pumpkin festival

Pumpkin festival

Great to see sketches for painting ideas. When I do it, one of the things I'm thinking is 'what's the first point of interest?' (When it's your own work, you can't be sure sometimes.) My eye goes straight to the fella with glasses, and the knowing look. Sorry Alan, I'm waffling on here...but it's because I'm interested. Love the slightly alien shapes of the pumpkins. Look forward to the finished painting. (I'm drawing at the moment with some new Mars Lumograph pencils-new to me anyway - had to try them out...getting some good solid blacks.) Waffle over.

Many thanks for your comment Lew. I’m really glad your eye was drawn to the guy with the glasses, that was my intention but I wasn’t sure I had achieved it. I have used the Mars Lumograph pencils on this drawing but the paper is a bit grainy. I get a much finer finish on Bristol board.

A clear case of mine is bigger than yours. Lovely idea for a painting. Interesting comment about Bristol board too.

Thank you Linda. I like your comment ‘mine is bigger than yours’. If the painting ever gets posted I might use it in the title, lol.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not intended as a finished drawing, just a sketch for an oil painting idea. I know it’s not perfect.

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