I Pad sketch - playing with colour


It is a beautiful scene and I recognised it from a version you had put on a while back. It's the kind of place you would want to live in.

It’s s lovely painting. Very interesting to hear how you’ve done it on Procreate.

Like this Alan, interesting .

Thank you Denise for your comments. It is indeed a beautiful spot, if a little twee. You wouldn’t want to live there however, it’s just a fisherman’s hut for storing fishing gear, nets etc. There’s no electricity, gas or water….. and lashed by the sea in a storm.😀

Thanks also to Christine and Fiona for your comments.

Well ‘played’ Alan. Plenty of rich colour and the bright sunlit roof lifts the whole picture.

Very nice as is and would make a great larger painting too

A lovely scene,beautifully captured

Many thanks Michael, Heather and Judith.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have been fascinated by this little Cornish scene for a few years now , there are at least 2 versions on my gallery. I am considering making it the subject of a larger painting, but just for fun, I’ve played around with it on my iPad. For any one interested- I photographed my plein air sketch and imported it into Procreate. I then created 3 layers one each for the sky, sea and land. I was then able to play with each without loosing touch with the original sketch.

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