Slow thaw in the Dales 2

Slow thaw in the Dales 2

Not only has the girl in the other painting been bumped off but the sheep here has suffered the same fate! The thing is, I liked it before and I like it now! If I had to choose, I'd pick this one, the open space leads the eye up the hill which is probably what you intended :)

That's another dilemma, William! Can't decide which one I like better! The painting has good bones, so I think they both work despite the missing sheep which you offed!

In this version the prominant animal takes centre stage as though the picture is all about him - in the first version the additional sheep gave a more rounded composition although the picture is still prominantly about the sheep. If you wanted to take the emphasis away from the sheep and make it a more general landscape with sheep in it then I would choose this version but take the prominent sheep back - so he isn't so dominant. There is no right or wrong it is just what you want to convey in the picture. Do you want sheep in a lanscape or landscape with sheep - whatever you prefer both posted versions are really great.

Both painting are good William, difficult to decide although I like the missing sheep!

So difficult to decide as they are both great paintings but if I had to choose it would probably be this one.

Thank you for giving me your opinions and suggestions, Louise my thoughts too ,the other foreground sheep seemed to block the way into the picture, sorry Kirstie I was tucking into lamb chops when I read your comment, you nearly made me feel guilty : ) Nearly, Michael it is rather helpful when someone else talks about a painting , I wanted it to be all about the dominant sheep and the other one took away from it and blocked the way into the painting up the hill,I did think about taking him back a bit but discarded the thought. Thank you all again for your time.

It's those mega-realistic sheep again William, how good are you at painting them! Everything in this is so realistic, it is a joy!

Hang on Studio Wall

The second sheep in the foreground has gone and I think it clears the way up the hill, I have left the first painting on my gallery if anyone would like to comment on which one works the best.

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