Plockton 2

Plockton 2

A beautiful painting of a place I love and have visited several times and that sky is just lovely. I liked the first version but this is even better.

Well done, I agree with Val it is even better

Willian, this is a great painting. Here is my two cents' worth : fifferentiate a bit more among the sizes of the objects nearby and far. Limit the strong and bright blue to small area and mute the rest to avoid sensery overload. Best regards.

William, Loved your gallery, especially the boy and dog ,that second wave is magical

a beautiful image, just wonderful,dawn,bristol

I like this william. Super sky and water....Well done.

I have a photograph of this scene which I have been meaning to paint for ages but my landscapes never live up to my expectations. This is beautifully painted and I love the sky!

I do not believe it William I must have been looking at your paintings at the same you were looking at mine.------ I think no 2 is better

Thank you all for your comments, its a relief to be told that I haven't messed it up, Kirstie don't stop painting ,I shall miss your postings : (

William, I've missed your postings! I'm so glad you're posting again! This is a gem. It's wonderfully atmospheric, sunny and cheerful. The reflections are beautifully done, and you've so effectively yet subtly separated the foreground, middle distance and background, which is so vital for landscapes.

Thank you Seok , your comments are always welcome .

Hi William, thanks for your encouraging comments on my 'Autumn lane' Painting and I have posted an answer to you there. I would like to say that your paintings give me a sense of being there, they are very atmospheric.

Not bad hey William 3 out of 10----- Congratulations

Congratulations on your 3x Top Ten, William. Looking at your galleries, I think this is certainly very well deserved. I put my congrats on this painting (although I like them all!) because this is my favourite. Your sky is so well painted and the whole painting is soooo atmospheric! Stunning!!

Thank you Charles and Mia, Thats the score I used to get for maths Charles, this is much nicer, : )

Thank you,William. Also big congratulations to you too. We need to see more of your paintings...

Thank you, William, for your congrats of my paintings in the Top Ten . However, who is the king of the pile but you with THREE paintings chosen! What a wonderful recognition of your very varied and wonderful paintings. You must be so proud. I actually thought they had stopped doing the Top Ten as I thought I usually found the link on the gallery home page - but strangely it appears to be on the forum home page. Not sure if the people who only use the gallery ever find these lists? Anyway - you go to the top of the class!

Well William three in the top ten! You must feel great! Thanks for your kind comment on my pic too; a bit long in replying - just spent a week in hospital with pneumonia ! On the mend now.

I just found your gallery William and your paintings are great. I've never really tried to paint water (yet) but the thought of it scares me a bit! I particularly like the colours in your vineyard painting. I think it would be a lovely subject for a piece of embroidery (another of my hobbies that I don't have enough time for)

William, an apology awaits you on 'Golspie village hall'

William you are great at big skies!, this so lovely, love all the boats and the water !

Hang on Studio Wall

After looking at this for a few days I just had to bring it nearer to the photograph and take back a few things and I feel happier about it now and it was I think my most ambitious painting so far,( big sky )

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