By the Pond 2020


It's a lovely feeling isn't it - great self portrait, love the simplicity of the mark making

Such a powerful portrait and a striking feature of your work

So very Gudrun. Simplistic and proving enough is enough. Lovely.

Thank you for your appreciation! I enjoyed painting this.

Everything around the face compliments it. Works beautifully Gudrun.

Great; penetrating. I feel we are looking at ‘each other’ Gudrun.

A glance captured in time. Beautiful.

Love the simple straightforward way you've drawn this, Gudrun, the eyes are really striking

This works so well Gudrun and her presence is so strongly felt.

Some more thanks for your kind comments and encouragement. I do like the challenge of paring things down to its minimum for generating the maximum effect of what I am trying to achieve. Apparently this was how my dad used to look at people ....

This is super, Gudrun - I love how you capture so much with so few lines and marks. Just lovely!

Hang on Studio Wall
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Archival, oil on canvas, 60x80cm. The delight in sitting by the pond we built last year and being able to mull over things in general drinking in the view!

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Gudrun Ståhl Sharpley

I am a figurative artist who revels in working with figures and faces, shapes and colours, focusing on movement within my work as my main theme. Over the years, I have studied old masters and new and influences in my work reflect admiration for the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci and the…

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