Farm Buildings Stirling

Farm Buildings Stirling

This is looking really good, graham, but can I say i think the monument is surplus to the composition? I hope you don't mind my saying so, as it struck me straight away. Your painting of the farm is lovely by itself,and the monument towering over it spoils it..... for me, anyway. Oherwise, well done.

Sorry, I disagree with Ruth, but then I know this scene so well that you have depicted so beautifully. Excellent control of watercolour as always Graham.

Beautiful watercolour Graham, great colours and composition

Another stunner Graham - the autumn colours are wonderful, as is the red door on the grey roofed house. I like the monument, standing proud over the farm buildings - gives it something statuesque which isn't normal in a country scene.

Thank you Ruth, Val,Petra and Jane for all your kind comments, and although I have used a bit of artistic licence in past paintings Ruth, I was , .in this instance trying to capture the complete scene and do not think the Monument being deleted would have been a step to far for me, but of course I do not mind your comment regarding this, that is what posting paintings on line is all about, and commenting on how as an artist you see the composition and content, everyone that comments on my painting will always be appreciated by myself, so many thanks everyone.

It's a lovely painting. As far as the monument is concerned I would include it if the finished painting was intended for a local audience/sale where some degree of accuracy of content was required - if painting it for myself where I was more concerned with composition I would probably leave it out. There is a third way - simply hint at it in the palest of tones and in colours which echo the far trees. But its all a matter of choice - either way its a great piece.

Thanks Michael for your comments on this piece, this particular painting was for a local exhibition some years ago , so on balance I decided to keep the monument in the painting . I agree with you about the actual farm buildings excluding the monument could possibly make a better composition,but painting is all about making choices at the time ,I doubt if it would have sold locally without this particular well known landmark being included., anyway thanks for viewing and commenting with your ideas and thoughts which are welcome on this piece,--regards Graham

Another stunning piece, Graham. Really love the autumn colors, as well as the foreground details. Thank you very much for your comments on my paintings.

I rather like the way this looks Graham, I would always put in the local features in a landscape as it gives (for me) more authenticity! Once again your treatment of the foreground wall is just right for this picture and does not compete with the centre of interest. (Which I take is the cottages and not the much discussed tower!) Having said all that I think that it would look fine with or without, but it is usually best to veer on the side of truth perhaps!" Best regards Chris

hi well i live in the house , and if we didnt have that add on we'd have no inside bathroom , nice picture thou , lol yours Dionne

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This is another painting from my archives of Craigton Farm near Stirling which sits in the shadow of The Wallace Monument, I did take a bit of Artists licemce with the main farmhouse and deleted the existing two storey architectural disaster which had been " STUCK " on the front facade and substituted it with a single storey porch which I think was origoinally there, but pe rhaps not with the red door !!!

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