Cottage at Loch Carron

Cottage at Loch Carron

And the red was a good touch, a zingy complement to the greens, wasn't it. I like the well balanced composition and sense of distance, also the amount of white areas you have left give sparkle. lovely.

A lovely painting I like this one very much--- I think what draws me to you paintings Graham is because my mother was a Scot { surname McGuer } At one time I got up to Scotland very often, but sadly due to ill health no more. Ignore what I posted yesterday mate, it was just me having a go at people who post 10 -15 paintings of so called modern art ,they think the gallery belongs to them. Its not fair on other people

Another beautiful piece of work Graham , I love the tress and the water splashes. I also agree that the door in red was a great idea. Thank you for your kind comments on my work also Graham.

As usual, you capture the spirit of the place perfectly - grey skies included!

Posted by Ann Cook on Thu 21 Jul 14:45:05

This is simply gorgeous, Graham. Every one of your paintings is a gem, and this is no exception. You capture so effectively the subtle light of Scotland, as well as the charm and atmosphere of the place. I always want to visit the places you've painted.

An excellent painting! Your best yet I think, Love the composition & the colours. I know this area extremely well but don't recognize the house, will have to track it down, would make a good photo.

Posted by K 0 on Thu 21 Jul 16:26:01

Another treasure, Graham. The white cottage really glows in its setting and the red door is just perfect.

There is something about a white house and a red door that really grabs the attention. I think out of all the paintings of yours I have seen, to me this is your best and certainly my favourite. It is beautifully simple and brilliantly well painted. The composition is absolutely super - in fact everything about it is super!

Everybody has said it already Graham, a superb piece of work.

Grahame - thanks for the kind comments you posted on my painting 'Norfolk Landscape' - this prompted me to look at your portfolio and I must say I am most impressed - watercolour is always my first love and you have clearly mastered the medium

They all said it so much better than I ever could, so I agree with every comment above, Graham. Your paintings are perfect, in my opinion. This is how watercolour landscapes should be!!!!!

Know this IS my favourite.......what a beautful painting Graham, it positively sings!

Sorry Graham, the above should be; Now not know....and it still is my favourite!Lol

i would like to thank you all for the comments on this painting and others, it is really appreciated that you all take the time to view and make such kind comment on my work, kind regards to you all and happy painting ---- Graham

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted this some time ago at one of my favourite areas for inspiration, and of course the door was not actually red !!! just a bit of artistic licence on my part onced again

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