Behind the Harbour Wall

Behind the Harbour Wall

Gorgeous in its simplicity.

Really good work to paint a scene as you saw it rather than a photographic picture Georgina. The white wash (I'm taking is acrylic?) is really effective in creating a misty element. Nice painting.

I love your work Georgina. You are fluent in your medium and subject.

Posted on Tue 21 Aug 16:27:11

Magic Georgina!

Georgina you are a clever lady .

This is beautiful Georgina.

Lovely loose painting Georgina.

Thank you. It’s oil on canvas Jim.

Brilliant so sparkly and vibrant!

Beautiful soft colours and strong brush strokes.

Love your loose technique.

Love this work. Great simplicity and delicate use of colour.

Hang on Studio Wall

A loose sketch of St Ives. Happy with the effect it created!

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I work fast and instinctively in oils, mostly from life or as a reaction to the landscape around me onto small canvas boards and then I often work these up into bigger paintings in my studios. I try to make every brush stroke matter so that I can be economical with detail, and I frequently rub areas…

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