Nobody told me daffodils were so difficult!!

Nobody told me daffodils were so difficult!!

It's a beauty Georgina

It's lovely, Georgina.

I agree, Georgina, but this is beautifully successful!

Yes they are Georgina. I steer clear .. but yours here are lovely.

They are very tricky.. but love what you've done here. Excellent job.

They look super Georgina, don't be too hard on yourself!

They must be one of the most difficult but you’ve done them really well and I like the pot and glass as well.

I think flowers are always difficult, these look great though.

I think you have made a really good job of them, and I agree, they are difficult to paint, I've just had a two goes at painting these pesky flowers and i'm not posting either, they are my worst pictures ever !!!

You know what Degas said Georgina. " "Painting is easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do." Lovely job anyway..(-:

You did a brilliant job Georgina. I love this!! Superb.

Posted on Wed 04 Apr 19:50:29

Difficult they may be, Georgina, but you've captured their essence beautifully!

Hang on Studio Wall

I think I'll have to keep going at this - hardest painting I've ever tried!!

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