Light on the rocks

Light on the rocks

It is lovely, Georgina.

You've created an impressive atmosphere in this piece. I generally work on 50 x 60cm in the studio, 30 x 40cm plein-air. Those colours you asked about, of course you can have them. I've cleaned off the palette now but it would be the usual basic colours plus possibly the following - in no particular order, and would not always be on my palette. Naples Yellow Light & Deep (Rembrandt) Cobalt Blue (not Hue) Rembrandt) Light Red Oxide (Rembrandt) Kings Blue (Michael Harding) Unbleached Titanium Dioxide (MH) Quinacridone Rose Emerald Green (I can hear you cringe!)

Not cringing at all Alan! Its fab hearing what others use, we all learn from each other - I'm learning all the time. I actually already use all of those except emerald green so I shall have to give that a go - it obviously gives that lovely pop of turquoise that you manage so well. Yes this painting is 64cm x 40cm so that bit bigger - definitely too much for me plein air in the time scale that I have each time. My plein airs tend to be no bigger then 30x40, like you.

The light, it’s all about the light, simply stunning and beautiful.

Wonderful painting!

Blimey there are some super oils on the gallery this evening and this is another Georgina. Beautiful.

Beautiful colours and light and a wonderful sense of space.

Love the light and the soft colours!

Wonderful light and truly captivating image. The palette is brilliant in its economy. Brian

I've not seen landscapes this captivating for a while. It's so refreshing.

Posted on Sat 21 Apr 15:13:40
Hang on Studio Wall

A big painting for today, and sadly not plein air but I can't do the biggers ones out and about.

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