Rain moving west

Rain moving west

Lovely work, really like the brushstrokes and atmosphere

Lovely moody oil painting.

Love this, no over working here!

Super painting. I love your style, it carries such intensity and liveliness. Brian

You are a master of big skies Georgina. I love the warm colours in the greys.

Posted on Wed 14 Mar 19:31:58

Wonderful extensive landscape, like your very dynamic brushstrokes.

Brave brush strokes, I love your style

Love your dominant skies Georgina.


Another stunning piece Georgina, simple landscape with a wonderful sky.

Another wonderful sky!

Beautiful piece of painting Georgina.

Simple scene, but dynamic.

Oh my, what a sky Georgina! That’s a super grey, may I ask what mix it is? I understand if it’s a trade secret...lol. Thank you very much for your feedback on my print, that’s good advice and very encouraging. My head is full of ‘things’ and depending on the subject I wonder which medium will it have most impact in. Also I always, well nearly always, look for the easiest option....lol. At the moment, I feel an oil coming on!! Thanks again, appreciate your wise words.

I love this :)

Hi Fiona not at all, I never really know what I mix but mostly I make my greys out of cobalt blue, burnt sienna and titanium white. Occasionally I use Paynes grey but not very often.

Thanks very much Georgina!

Hang on Studio Wall

Another of my daily paintings but not from today. Had an admin day and finally updated my website.

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I work fast and instinctively in oils, mostly from life or as a reaction to the landscape around me onto small canvas boards and then I often work these up into bigger paintings in my studios. I try to make every brush stroke matter so that I can be economical with detail, and I frequently rub areas…

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