Harvested field, Newenden

Harvested field, Newenden

I really like your colours and you've really captured the vast expanse of the cloud filled sky. A great freshness to this piece, well done!

Super sky Fran, has that en plein air feel to it.

Thanks Mark and Stephen. So pleased you felt the freedom and expressiveness that only comes with en plein air painting. You are always aware of the scene changing with the light and weather and it is a wonderful and addictive challenge to capture the view in paint.

I agree whole-heatedly with Mark and Stephen, your sky is fantastic. I love your bold use of colour and brush-strokes which give the sky a presence as real subject matter. I enjoyed the link to your website immensely. Thank you, it is through painters like yourself that the rest of us learn and are inspired!

Simon - thank you so much for your very kind words - I am truly flattered. If my paintings can inspire just one person to paint on location, particularly in oils, then I am indeed a very happy person.

Unfortunately, I have neither the skill nor the courage to paint en plein air - but I am certainly inspired by work such as yours to continue in my own way at home. Lovely big skies, (which I so enjoy portraying), with a boldness of both colour and brush strokes. Great!!

Lionel - thank you for your comment. I am sure if you joined an art group that organised painting out days in the Summer months, you would then find you have the courage to paint en plein air. It's much easier when you start off with a group of friends, who are probably all feeling nervous and exposed (or have felt like this at some time) and no matter what your skill level is, the most important thing is to enjoy it. If you can't do this, then do carry on painting at home (look out of a window, sit in your garden) - there are so many ways to enjoy the process of painting from life.

It has a freedom to it that only comes with painting on location. Not tight at all and that sky is wonderful. :)

Hi Sarah, thanks for posting your comment. I am extremely grateful.

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Oil on board, 20 x 30 cm's. Painted en plein air. http://www.franrussellart.co.uk

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