Ford Anglia 103e


This looks great Frank.

Terrific Frank!

Are you selling the car or the painting, Frank? Lovely job. My first thought was " lovely colour", then I thought you might think I didn't know about the mechanics of the thing....😆

I remember them well. They were from a time when British car-makers began to bring some style to their cars. Splendid painting.

Remember them well and that colour!

Remember them , you have done a great job with it Frank.

I certainly do remember them Frank, I passed my driving test in one of these. You've captured it exceedingly well.

Great work Frank - now you must do one in blue !

Thanks for commenting everyone. I might want a little more than £40 for the real thing Marjorie 😀. I agree Lewis. How was the emergency stop Brian? 😀 . Michael, my blue painting will be a little more organic 🤔

Wonderful (car and painting). I remember a friend having one of these and I was jealous!

The emergency stop was just fine Frank, provided yo got 2 minutes notice.

I remember having a ride in one of these, Frank. The trouble was, the springs had gone ‼️‼️❗️

Love the Anglia , certainly brings back memories , use to Rally one in the 70's

Hang on Studio Wall

Who remembers these from the 50's and 60's? When I worked on a farm in the 60's, the AI man used to come bombing up our drive in a lovely blue one of these, and I thought it looked so cool! KDV976F Seven layer Reduction linoprint A5

For Sale

Price: £40
Picture Size: A5 (on A6 paper)
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