Hellebore and scilla

Hellebore and scilla

I have white hellebores all over my garden, love them. What a super painting with all the detailed marking on the petals, wonderful!

I love Hellebores but we don't have any in the garden, I keep dropping hints but so far to no avail. My brother has some really really dark purpley-black ones which I like to sketch when I visit. These are soooo lovely with all their detailing and look great against the lilac of the scilla.

Thank you Lesley and thanks Val.

These are lovely Carole, great markings on the petals and super leaves.

Sorry Carole, for lilac read blue, I think I'm going colour blind LOL

I love this, particularly how the background lights up the whole picture and brings it all together.

There's no mistaking them. Beautifuly painted Carole.

Stunning Carole, my favourite flower. Mine are also in flower at the moment.

Thanks all very much. I painted this on Fabriano 5 fat pad, not a good idea as didn't take wet washes very well! You live an learn! It is spot on for coloured pencils though.

Beautifully done, Carole! You've especially captured so well the shape and ephemeral quality of the petals.

Thank you very much Seok Yam, always appreciated from you.

Gorgeous painting again Carole. I ma happy that you felt fine to give some encouraging thoughts to my last work. Thank you again. I often visit your work as I am a fan of yours - most definitely!

You're welcome Jamie. Thanks also for your encouraging comments.

Hi Carole, love your Hellebores, just dropped in really to say thanks for leaving comments on my pastel drawings of the Pelican and on the action scene of the unfinished showjumping pony and rider, i have actually finished it now and just posted it, you are right it was quite tricky to get that quite complicated pastel drawing right, although i did have ponies when i was a child and did go in for jumping competitions on them occasionally so the actual shape of the pony and the position of the rider were not as difficult as you might think even though it was a good 40 years or more since i have even sat on a horse i have retained a real love for them all my life and i did find when i was doing the original drawing for this pastel rendering the horse and rider came almost instinctively. anyway before i ramble on too much thanks again for your lovely comments, i have actually just got some more pastel and intense pencils in appropriate colours so i should be able to finish the pelican and put a completed posting of him online soon as well, bye for now xx

Hi Ros, I look forward to seeing your completed pastels ;o)

Wow, lovely work Carole - three dimensional looking and I love what you've done with the leaves.

Just gorgeous Carole!

This was a quick painting Jennifer, not much detail. Thank you for your comment.

Hang on Studio Wall

Just coming into bloom, the garden is looking more interesting now.

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