Entanglement 2


It is Carole. Don’t get caught up in it. Brilliant.

Interesting and intriguing effect, Carole.

Love it! It is so effective!!!!

Love this carole ,might have to have a go myself !

This is fascinating Carole. Love the swirls, patterns and colours and a great title.

Looks like you had alot of fun with this one Carole. Love it

Thanks all much appreciated.. yes I love doing these a bit of fun:)

Very effective, Carole, lovely blend of colours.

I like this, Carole, it rather has an abstract feel to it.

Grass and cling film Carole, wow, very effective.

It's like all those neurons in one's brain. Very beautiful

Organic Carole. Love the shapes and patterns emerging from the colours.

A great result Carole, love the colours and textures!

Thanks very much, I’m scouting the lanes for soggy vegetation to dry out now ! ;)

Hang on Studio Wall

Watercolour, grass imprints and cling film.

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Carole Swingler

Self- taught artist, I have dabbled in watercolours for many years on and off. My first love is flower painting in watercolour. Now trying many different media including acrylic inks, gouache, all types of pencils to try loose-ish semi abstract images.

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