Drizzle in the Dales


Absolutely brilliant, love that you have used just the two colours it a beautiful painting.

Have to agree with Pauls comments. Beautifully done. Carole.

Lovely, such a simple colour palette works extremely well

Lovely dramatic effect Carole.

Cold. Wet. Misty. It is all there in its straightforward simplicity. Brilliant use of just two colours. I love the starkness

Love the very apt title and the typical weather that occurs in the dales Carole.

Been there, done that ........ and the rain is trickling down my neck! Spot on Carole.

Beautiful and atmospheric. I like your colour choices and the little tree.

This is super, Carole. Love the beautiful, delicate colour palette!

Thank you so much for your encouraging feedback :)

Lovely granulation effects. Super.

A painting that captures atmosphere in spades. Super work, Carole!

Excellent Carole.

Agree with the comments. somehow limited colours works really well.

Never would have guessed this was yours, Carole. Very nice, particularly the sky.

Super work with just 2 colours Carole.

Very kind thanks for taking a look and commenting. I was trying the Roman Szmal hematite violet shade, I really like .

This is beautifully painted, Carole - love the foreground rocks and soft limited palette.

You have caught typical holiday weather,very atmospheric.

Thank you Jenny and Anne.

Great rocks, and very Dales !

Beautiful colouring

Thanks again for commenting Richard and Ruth :)

This is so real Carole, it makes me want to pull my hood and collar up!

Yes my main garb for walking around here Fiona 💦☔️ Thank you.

So well painted Carole, stunning

Full of atmosphere....lovely.

Thank you Denise I appreciate your comment very much..

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Imagination scene, two colours hematite violet shade and cobalt blue. Watercolour.

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Self- taught artist, I have dabbled in watercolours for many years on and off. My first love is flower painting in watercolour. Now trying many different media including acrylic inks, gouache, all types of pencils to try loose-ish semi abstract images.

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