Cooker. Bramley?

Cooker. Bramley?

Crumble or pie? :) Excellent Carole, I like the addition of the apple blossom.

Oh Carole....I wish I hadn't seen's my art class this afternoon and guess what, we are drawing, apples! lol We have also been instructed to bring onions too. However, this is exactly what I'm aiming for but in reality it will probably be my usual 'rough' job. It has a beautiful roundness and I agree with Val ref the blossom, nice touch.

A wonderful drawing Carole, you have it just right, the blossom just adds something special.

Lovely work again, Carole. And I agree about the blossom......masterstroke!

Apple of my eye !! Beautiful work Carole.

An amazing creation Carole. The care you must take is phenomenal and you can bandage me up or jab me anytime Sister.

Very well drawn Carole. A study of the beginning and end result.

Thanks all much appreciated! Yes I get arm and neck ache doing these:(

Meant to say, the light must have caught the top bit as it seems faded. Good luck this afternoon with your apples Fiona, I know you will make a brilliant job in your unique style ;)

Wonderful textures Carole

Stunning pencil work Carole, you always excel.

That's a super piece of work Carole

Absolutely delightful Carole! I wish I could draw like you.

Fabulous drawing, Carole.

Lovely composition too

Thanks all, appreciate your feedback.

Great to see pencil work of such a high standard Carole

Thank you Russell, comments like this are very encouraging thanks again.

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