Ps tried to get the white eyelashes on the white side of her face :)

I think he is lovely, Carole, and this is a very expressive piece of work.

Beautiful drawing, Carole, successful outside of your comfort zone too.

Very accomplished drawing Carole.

Bonnie on one side Clyde on the other. You are good with a pencil Carole.

Thanks, yes her brother was Clyde John, no longer with us :( they were much alike but Clyde had a symmetrical face. Thank you for your comments all.

We had them for six years now they were rescue dogs.

Beautiful drawing Carole

Absolutely beautiful drawing Carole, you certainly have got some talent.

Well done Carole - another beauty.

Lovely piece again Carole beautifully drawn

Thanks so much for your encouragement but it did give me a headache too much like hard work!

Unusual piece for you Carole but beautifully done. You have natural talent.

Thanks very much Henry you are too generous.

Sensitively drawn, Carole, with detail well observed and rendered.

nicely observed Carole and well drawn more please

Sweet portrait ,good line used

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil, not my usual but I tried! My daughter's dog I babysit whilst she is at work. Bonnie really does have brown one side and white on the other side of her face.

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