Morning Glory

Morning Glory

Lovely work Carole. I bought Derwent at first and found them a bit hard. I've now got Carbothello Stabilo which seem softer.

You have done that white toning to pefection Carole. Beautiful piece of work.

This is lovely, Carole. I bought a set of Derwent pastel pencils and, like you, found them really scratchy and haven't used them since except to touch up watercolours. It's put me off trying pastels again.

This is again fantastic, Carole.

It's brilliantly done Carole. I have Conte and Derwent pencils. I like both but the Prefer the Conte which are soft and chalky. I have others which are very hard and we’re cheap.

Beautiful. One of my favorite flowers.

Really good. I must have go at pastel pencils.

It's lovely work, Carole. You say it's a quick pastel, even more impressive. It looks like the paper is quite coarse (the shadowed background), is that what you use for pastel?

Thanks all for your comments and suggestions I will take all on board.

Beautiful delicate work Carole no matter what medium you use you always produce quality work.

Thanks Lewis, I used a piece of trial paper I got in a pack it's a bit like Ingres paper.

Thanks Dennis, you are much too kind :)

Beautiful Carole!!

You've made the Morning Glory glorious.

I like the textures though Carole, I quite like Derwent pastel pencils, what paper have you used ?

Just read all the comments Carole and I have used Hahnemuhle pastel paper which is lovely and smooth and has a soft peachy feel to it.

Beautiful flowers Carole,I like the way they stand out,and look so delicate.

Great tonal work, looks gorgeous.

This really stands out on the gallery Carole, it’s beautiful.

Lovely as ever Carole...the whites really glow ...

Thanks again for your encouraging feedback. Linda that paper sounds very nice I will have to look, thanks for mentioning it.


Posted by T H on Fri 19 Jan 21:09:07

Thanks so much for your comments Margaret, Dennis and Timothy.

Fabulous piece, Carole - love the composition and the layers!

Beautifully done Carole,

Thank you Seok, David and Gudrun very much.

Its beautiful Carole!

Hang on Studio Wall

Quick pastel pencil. Derwent pastels some a bit scratchy, are there any better ones does anyone know?

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