Vacated Oak Gall

Vacated Oak Gall

What a strange thing! Great detailed drawing. Carole.

I've never seen or heard of an oak gall and had to google it. This is all very educational! It's caused by a tiny gall wasp which lays her eggs inside the oak leaf bud. In each chamber which you've drawn is a larva which eats it's way out! Super detailed drawing Carole and look out for all those gall wasps lol

Quite a lot around this year and with the mild winter there's going to be a lot of insects around in the coming months - must buy some shares in the chemical industry - great study Carole.

A lovely study Carole.

Thank you all for your comments. That's a great account Louise thanks :) Not looking forward to extra insects this spring!

A lovely study, Carole - well observed and rendered.

Thank you Louise, I didn't know what they were either lol. Super botanical study Carole.

Hang on Studio Wall

Found this on this afternoons walk down the field. There were hundreds of these oak galls but these two had left home! I was thinking how thick the walls of the galls were, looked like cork inside also eaten away.

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