Ancient trees at Padley Gorge a favourite walk .

Ancient trees at Padley Gorge a favourite walk .

Love trees especially these kind Carole. The medium used enhances the ancient look.

Lovely trees, Carole.

I like this type of drawing Carole, lovely bare trees, just as I prefer to draw them.

I can see what attracted you to these trees. Lovely shapes.

Posted on Fri 13 Apr 17:03:53

Lovely detail Carole

They look a bit like Ents , Carole, from Lord of the rings. Have you seen there is a new comp on here for trees? . These would be great .

They have that much movement Carole they look like they are going walkabouts, very magical.

Lovely gnarled trees Carole.

I often marvel at the many shapes trees can have - and these are a wonderful example. Imagine the stories these trees could share - well done, Carole!

Thanks very. Much everyone. Yes the whole walk is magical especially when trees are bare, they are covered in green moss and appear like creatures walking as Linda says. The large boulders of millstone grit are also covered in green moss. Yes Sylvia something like Lord of the Rings could be staged here. There's a brook runs through with a wooden bridge across it all so pretty. It's between Grindleford and the Longshaw estate. Ps thanks Sylvia for the comp suggestion but I don't think this scribble would do 🤣

Lovely work carole x.

Very effective indeed Carole. They have a rather mysterious feel with all those twisty limbs, as if they might come alive.

They're definitely Entish!! Lovely effective piece of work...did you paint them on site?

Good trees

They are full of character and mystery Carole.

Really lovely, Carole.

Hang on Studio Wall

ArtGraf sanguine and carbon black

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