Capri Girl - Rosina

Capri Girl  - Rosina

You've got Rosina Carole. I'm ceratainly not trying for an exac t copy; might as well take a photograph as do that, but it's great seeing everyody's individual versions. Nice work.

Thanks Jim, hardly ever done portraits as I find them too difficult. I think her face is too thin besides anything else.

She looks very kind Carole well done

Lovely sketch Carole, the likeness is not everything...but as a portrait it's really good.

Everybody seems to be painting this girl , I like this one I've never seen the original

Really beautiful Carole a real magic added.

Works for me Carole

Well done Carole, like yourself I find portraits very difficult.....this is very good.

It's a challenge alright. As Timothy said, the eyes are hard to get, she was very striking. Very well done Carole - don't stop doing portraits!

I like this slightly elongated version Carole. Nice drawing.

Posted on Mon 11 Dec 16:23:28

Thanks everyone I really appreciate your views on this. I'm much encouraged ;)

That's a very good portrait Carole

This is a lovely portrait, Carole. More please!

Lovely drawing, Carole - I think you're better at portraits than you give yourself credit for!

Beautifully drawn Carole. I don't know the original, but you've given her personality.

You've managed to capture the same soulful expression in the JSS version, though she's a little thin in the face. Good work Carole.

A really sensitive pencil portrait Carole - it's lovely .

Thanks all for your kind comments , much practice needed!

Agree with Marjorie...more portraits please (of course I am biased). I can imagine this in oils, Carole.

Posted by T H on Tue 12 Dec 11:55:54

Thanks Timothy it means a lot coming from you :)

Very well done, Carole!

Hang on Studio Wall

After JSS after Marjorie after Timothy after Cesare after Jim :)). My graphite version. Please excuse as portrait is not my thing but thought it was a challenge.

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