Beautiful colour harmony throughout Carole, such a gorgeous bird, irresistible to paint.

Found this photo in a magazine Fiona I have never seen one in real life. Thank you for your comment ;)

A wonderful picture of a popular bird, well done Carole.

He's lovely

Super rendering with watercolour pencils, Carole. He's beautiful....I have never had a Waxwing in my garden, but lots of finches, which he resembles. Is he a regular visitor?

Lovely job as ever Carole....

I have some watercolour pencils - now I see how they can be used! Lovely picture.

I remember seeing a large flock (museum) of Waxwings in Tesco's car park in Ullapool. They were feeding on the Rowan berries, I wouldn't have noticed them but they make the most beautiful noise, which I had never heard before. If you get the chance to listen to a recording, have a listen.

Wonderful carole.

Wow i love tour bird !!!!

Very beautiful Carole, as usual for you.

We had some on a bush in our garden last year. They ate all the berries and vanished. I felt quite honoured. This is a lovely painting Carole, so well balanced.

Thanks ever so much all for your kind encouraging comments they keep me going! Thanks Fiona I will have a look on internet for a recording. My one holiday in Scotland was in Ullapool, we stayed in an old schoolhouse by Loch Broom :)

I had a flock of these eating our rowan berries a few years back but haven't seen any since. Beautiful birds expertly painted in this gorgeous watercolor.

Charming, Carole - beautifully done.

Beautiful Carole and I love the beautiful softening of edges

Thank you so much, I nearly couldn't be bothered to paint yesterday but it takes your mind off the pressures of Christmas!

A beautiful painting Carole :)

A truly lovely painting Carole,

He has got a determined look and means business with those berries. Beautifully drawn Carole.

A really beautiful bird really well painted Carole.

This is a beauty Carole, lovely work.

Thank you Satu, Andre and Margaret much appreciated.

very nice painting, the rose hips are a lovely addition.

Posted by Ann Hunt on Wed 11 Jan 21:12:57
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