Quick sketch of another rhododendron 'Silver Sixpence '

Quick sketch of another rhododendron 'Silver Sixpence '

Your work always has so much beauty Carole exquisite

Thank you Dennis, you are very kind.

Really lovely Carole. What amazes me, as well as beautiful flower paintings - you also know the names of them, something I find very difficult.

lovely drawing Carole it's clear to see how you achieve your high quality paintings

You excel in all media Carole, your drawing skills are excellent.

Wonderful drawing Carole! Quick sketch that would take me a year to complete and still it wouldn't look right.

The more I look the more I see Carole, well observed. I will look for the finished painting in the morning then. About 11am shall we say.

I just dabble, but I appreciate your encouragement very much thank you all. Looks like I will be up all night John!

Beautiful drawing what you call "quick sketch", Carole.

Really nice lines and subtle definition of the shape of the petals Carole, I really like the crossing of the individual flowers as you would see them in reality, nice one.

Love to see it in colour

"Quick and dabble?" Just beautiful and so much detail.

That would take me days to get not very close. Nicely done.

I agree with the above comments, Carole: stunning!

Carole, one hour and fifteen minutes to go. I can't wait.

You blooming slave driver! :(

At the risk of sounding like a broken record: exquisite!

Awww thanks Gudrun you made my day!

Hang on Studio Wall

Pencil 0.3. Sorry a bit dark

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